Born in Munich, I graduated at the German School of Paris. After interning at BMG in New York and MTV Europe in London, I spent a year at the University of Sussex before finding my vocation at The London Film School learning about Filmmaking and discovering a passion for imagery and storytelling.

Coming from a reportage photography background and having worked on editorials for Trace Magazine and Butterfly, my professional life started out in stills, shooting a worldwide campaign for The Body Shop introducing their newly founded Human Rights Award, covering human rights issues in Israel, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Peru and the USA. This assignment culminating in a single exhibition about the Payatas dumpsite in Quezon City at the Gallery Westland Place in London.

My first professional steps in the world of moving images were as a director on a number of pop-promos for Kosmos Records featuring artist like Tom Novy, Afrika Islam, DaHool and Milennia Nova. Shooting on location in London, Cornwall, Ibiza, Barcelona, Kenia and Sansibar covering their Rave and Cruise Tours throughout Europe and Africa.

Rising through the ranks in the Camera Department, I eventually refined my visual approach and got serious about moving images. After focus pulling and camera operating on commercials and feature films, I gradually got to light commercials, corporate films and documentaries.

Preferring a narrative and generic approach and the use of available light whenever possible, I believe the strength and magic of an image is created by focusing on composition and capturing the right moment without too much technical staging.

I am open to all genres of projects in the role of Director of Photography or Director/DoP, as required.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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